this is us.

because every study comes to an end, mirco and lorenz asked themselves the big question in 2002: where to go with the sense of life? the answer: where everyone enjoys to be: at their favorite café, the local bar or directly at the beach. a kola was needed - as a cultural good, not as a mass product. no sooner said than done, the recipe was developed - not too sweet, but with plenty of caffeine to take home for the night. plus black-and-white printed faces on beer bottles, with a name as hanseatic and honest as our cosmopolitan home. allow me, fritz: we are independent, owner-managed and from hamburg.

finance & it.

the finance team consists of our financial accounting team and our controlling team. together we make sure that our numbers stay nice and black. we see ourselves as business partners who support all other areas by generating insights & foresights and thus ensure transparent decisions.

our it team takes care of the digitalization of fritz and focuses on cloud products. this allows us to react quickly, implement and shape the world in black with our fritzes.

i'm with fritz because i can always outgrow myself here.


finance accountant

for me, being a fritzee means being able to combine my profession with my socio-political attitude.


head of it


our marketing team consists of the departments brand management, international marketing, events & experiential marketing, digital marketing and corporate communications, pr & sustainability.

we make sure that as many people as possible in europe get to know our fritz range and get the chance to experience it live. to this end, we develop unique advertising which can be seen wherever people turn night into day together at selected festivals and events in europe's hotspots and in digital channels. our team develops new product ideas and organizes sustainable and social projects and sponsorships such as "drink from glass or "every bottle helps", which we spread via pr and social channels.

for me, being a fritzee means taking responsibility and getting involved.


head of corporate communications, pr & sustainability

at fritz, i was able to turn my two hobbies into a career - and now i not only get to paint the world black with the fritz-ci, but also found and build up the new gaming division at our company. there's no other job like this!


graphic design & gaming


our operations team specializes in purchasing, quality management & product development and supply chain.

we plan and control the production of our fritz range at our bottlers, ensuring high and reliable quality. new products are developed and introduced into production here. our purchasing department ensures that there are always enough bottles, fresh juices, and promotional materials.

the best thing about my job is that the range of tasks is always expanding due to the wide variety of projects, i am challenged and it never gets boring.


expert quality management

people & culture.

we are the people & culture team and consist of a central hr team, our talent factory and office management.

we are the first contact for all fritzees. we bring new fritzees on board, advise them on further education, training and coaching & supervision and accompany them in team development processes. we take care of the personnel strategy and keep a particularly close eye on the corporate culture. in this way, we ensure that our fritzees feel comfortable, are successful, develop themselves and, above all, have a lot of fun. with our office management, we also make sure that our fritzees don't miss a thing in their day-to-day work at our headquarter and that our visitors also enjoy their stay.

i am with fritz because i can develop in my job and work freely.


head of talent factory

for me, being a fritzee means being able to be the most genuine version of myself, without having to pretend to be someone else.


expert recruiting & employer branding

the greatest thing about my job is working with all kinds of different, exciting characters.


hr business partner


we are the largest fritz team and consist of field sales, key account management, shopper & customer marketing, business development and inside sales, as well as our international expansion team.

we create shopping and brand experiences for all fritz fans and customers. we make sure our products are where you want to find them - in cafes, clubs, restaurants, and everywhere where people gather. you can also find us iced in supermarkets, corner shops and gas stations. we want to inspire our fans with our sustainable vision as soon as they buy and enjoy our products - because we are only available in glass bottles. that's the way it has to be. in germany and more and more european countries.

what i love most about my job is that i designed and built my channel myself and I every day I work to improve the collaboration with our direct customers.


head of distribution management d-a-ch

i'm at fritz because not only do i stand behind kola, but also behind the company's values and i get to put them into practice every day.


brand ambassador

i'm with fritz because i can make a difference!


area sales manager - impulse

i am with fritz because we are familiar and honest.


area sales manager - retail

i am with fritz because more than 10 years ago, mirco and lorenz gave me the chance to prove myself in field sales without any sales experience and thus become part of the fritz-kola success story.


area sales manager - retail

for me, being a fritzee means being creative, crazy and open-minded.


brand ambassador

more than just platitudes.

why do we fritzees do what we do? we want to keep people awake - not only with our caffeinated beverages, but also with our social attitude.

what do we do at fritz? we connect people and cultures around the world with one feeling - our fritz feeling. as a company, we are authentic pioneers and set new standards. as people, we bring different characters together and offer an environment with room for personal development and growth.

how do we work at fritz? we are non-conformist and sustainable. this is how we inspire people to think and act in new ways.

what we do to help you wake up with fritz without having to sell your soul for your job.

what would fritz be without non-conformist fritzees? right: probably some big consumer-driven corporation. fortunately, that's not what fritz is and to make sure it stays that way and that fritz can continue to be a wide-awake rebel, we do everything we can to create a working environment for our fritzes that they deserve. in return, we offer many other incentives in addition to fair compensation. take a look for yourself .

annual variable bonus

x-mas bonus

vacation bonus

1.000€ baby bonus

500€ wedding bonus

sports bonus

fritz clothes & clothes budget

(e-)company car

employee development plans and trainings

free fritz kola crate-budget

pension sunsidy

legendary team events

100 € extra payment for glasses for screen work

special leave on specific personal occasions

employee referral program

paid travel expenses

fritz welcome package

individual development.

our talent factory ensures that all fritzenes are supported in their further development. to this end, we have developed an extensive training portfolio. enjoy a sneak peek of our portfolio.

onboarding events

all new fritzees start their time at fritz together with a monthly kick-off. we deliberately take 2 days to deep dive into our corporate culture, our brand core and the organizational structure of fritz.


our own e-learning tool, the 'wachwelt', is available to every fritzee to continuously refresh existing knowledge and expand it with new modules.

sales trainings

there are many different modular sales and refresher-trainings for our sales-fritzees in order to always be up to date.

leadership trainee programme

to challenge and develop our fritzees, we have our own leadership trainee program, in which we nominated fritzees receive the opportunity to be trained as managers every year.

individual coaching & training

the talentschmiede team offers consulting and support for external training opportunities in addition to the established internal trainings.

basic trainings

depending on the position, everyone has different needs. we therefore also offer basic training such as "communication & feedback", "basics project management", "excel" or a negotiation training.


in order to be able to develop further, feedback is indispensable. we have a very open feedback culture at fritz, which we specifically support through standardized and officially conducted feedback surveys.


regular training sessions are held for our managers on a variety of topics.

what our fritzees and applicants say about us.

honest feedback is a gift. that's why we take every single feedback very much to heart. make up your own mind about fritz - here you can see what our fritzees and applicants say about us. (unfortunately for now most of our feedback is in german. since we don't edit feedbacks, we won't translate them in order to keep them real and honest).

Sehr angenehmes Gespräch
Das Bewerbungsgespräch, war trotz des Umstandes das 4 Gesprächspersonen per Teams kommuniziert haben strukturiert und die Atmosphäre sehr angenehm ohne unprofessionell zu gewesen zu sein. Ich habe mich sehr gefreut, alle Beteiligten kennenzulernen.
Applicant feedback from April 7, 2022
Ein sehr angenehmes Gespräch und schnelle Rückmeldungen!
Ich bin begeistert von der schnellen Kommunikation und der Transparenz über weitere Schritte! Das Bewerbungsgespräch war sehr angenehm und wertschätzend und ich bin rundum sehr zufrieden!
Applicant feedback from April 6, 2022
Eine runde Sache
Super angenehme Atmosphäre Keine Tricks Gute Fragestellungen Hätte noch so viel zu erzählen gehabt über 25 Jahre Berufserfahrung-aber es gibt ja bei Interesse noch mehr Zeit 😃 Durchgehend wertschätzend. Danke!
Applicant feedback from March 30, 2022
Gut strukturiertes Gespräch
Der Aufbau des Gesprächs war professionell und gut durchdacht. Die Atmosphäre war locker und angenehm. Es gab kein Feedback während des Gesprächs (erst auf Nachfrage). Fragen wurden souverän beantwortet.
Applicant feedback from March 29, 2022
Exzellentes Bewerbungsgespräch von A-Z
Vom Bewerbungsprozess selbst, über die Kommunikation vor, während und nach dem Bewerbungsgespräch, sowie die ständige Hilfsbereitschaft und Transparenz der Ansprechpartner, sind sehr professionell und offen gestaltet. Die Rückmeldung erfolgte zeitnah und mit direktem Feedback. Die Begrüßung vor Ort, sowie das Bewerbungsgespräch selbst waren im äußersten Maße herzlich und wurde durch die Du-Kultur noch gelockerter. Das Gesprächs selbst hatte eine gute Struktur und bot durch verschiedene Fragestellungen, sowie dem Rollenspiel einen direkten Eindruck des Berufsalltages. Die Kommunikation im Anschluss war ebenfalls zügig und erneut von einem hohen Maß an Freundlichkeit geprägt.
Applicant feedback from March 24, 2022
Großartiges Bewerbungsverfahren
Das Bewerbungsverfahren ist von Anfang bis Ende wirklich großartig. Die Infos auf der Website, die Rückmeldungen (telefonisch und per Mail), das persönliche Gespräch ... alles ist ein schöner Mix aus der bekannten fritz-Coolness und enormer Professionalität. Ich habe mich von Beginn an willkommen gefühlt und bin nach dem Bewerbungsverfahren nun noch ein größerer Fan vom fritz-Gefühl als vorher ohnehin schon.
Applicant feedback from March 4, 2022
Sympathisch, offen und ehrlich!
Als sehr positiv möchte ich meine Gesprächspartner hervor heben. Die 2 sind super Jungs und machen einem richtig Lust ein Teil des Teams zu sein. Das Gespräch war sehr gut strukturiert und wurde auf eine sehr menschliche Art geführt. Man hat das Gefühl das man sich als Mensch vorstellt. Am Ende des Gesprächs wurde das weitere Vorgehen noch einmal zusammen gefasst. Im allgemeinen war es ein sehr informatives Gespräch das keine Fragen offen gelassen hat. Ich kann mich nur bedanken für das tolle Gespräch!
Applicant feedback from February 17, 2022
Markenbotschafter - Gastronomie
Super nettes Vorstellungsgespräch
Applicant feedback from February 17, 2022
Sehr angenehm
da Gespräch war trotz dass mir 3 Leute gegenüber saßen sehr angenehm, sympathisch und gut strukturiert! Habe mich zu keinem Moment unwohl gefühlt und bin nun noch begeisterter vom Unternehmen 🙂
Applicant feedback from February 16, 2022
Sehr freundlich und kompetent
Sämtlicher Kontakt zum Unternehmen, sei es beim Telefoninterview oder beim ersten Kennenlernen im Teams Meeting, war überaus positiv und kompetent. Die Atmosphäre während den Gesprächen war immer sehr angenehm und einladend. Man hat sich sehr viel Zeit genommen und alle Fragen wurden beantwortet. Der Zeitraum zwischen Bewerbungseingang und der ersten Kontaktaufnahme war etwas lang und könnte transparenter gestaltet werden. Da die Bewerbung allerdings kurz vor den Weihnachtsfeiertagen abgeschickt wurde und sich wahrscheinlich einige im Urlaub befanden, ist das Kritik auf hohem Niveau.
Applicant feedback from February 14, 2022
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are there office dogs at fritz?

the most frequently asked question in our job interviews. we have to disappoint all dog lovers - we don't have office dogs *boo*. but not because we want to discriminate furry noses, it'sbecause we want every fritzee to feel completely comfortable in the office. our open, agile office concept means that people who feel uncomfortable in the presence of dogs can't completely avoid them.

how do i apply for a job at fritz?

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